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Long hauls and the day hikers

Otago has some great trails that we have all grown to love. For starters the Routeburn Track is here. Book it now and have fun. But for the people that have no time or the right equipment for a lot of the really adventurous trails, there are a heap of shorter fun tracks around. There are trails every where in Otago, and most of them are amazing.

Depending on the area you are looking to walk, we have coastal pathways, lush rainforest's , desert highways, high country trails, fern gully's and tracks of every grade. Some of these trails have huts you have to pay to stay. While others it's a bring your own tent kinda experience. Either way be careful and inform someone of where you are going.

Being prepared is key to survival around these parts of the world. Watch the weather. Please refer to this DCC website for track closers and updates.

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