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Hidden Otago

Adventure in Otago

This website has been created for those adventurers traveling through or living here, that would like to see what Otago has to offer, with out all the touristy advertising in your face. Otago is one of the great regions of New Zealand, From coastal Victorian towns to the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown, and every thing in between. We have pristine lakes, picturesque mountain ranges, sea caves, and rich history. Otago is divided up into 5 districts: Central Otago District, The Clutha District, Dunedin City District, Queenstown Lakes District and the Waitaki District. This website is split up into these main areas. So every one can understand some of the geography of how this land is laid out.

This site plans to show you everything that can start you in the right direction for a great day's out or even longer adventure. We have tracked down all the Caves, Waterfalls, Beaches, Tunnels, Abandoned/Ruined infrastructure, old mining camps, ghost towns, you name it, if it's out there we have found it, or about to.

I am looking for feedback and ideas for new areas to explore and of course a good story behind it. I am not a writer, website builder or photographer, just a curious adventurer that wants to share his findings. Please enjoy our journey though out our lands - Stu.

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