The Picturesque McLean Falls

The best the Catlins can get! This waterfall has all the great features you would want in water giving in to gravity. A 22 meter top, falls into a beautiful swimming hole (very cold though). Then cascades down in a symmetrical pattern over and around rocks until it drops off to another falls to the river below. So many different pictures can be taken from here. but there is one to rule them all. People have cleared away plants to set their tripods up in the spot. Quite a busy waterfall any time of the day, but even with the numbers, there seams to be quite a bit of room. The trail leading up to the falls is a gradual climb through some very beautiful native forest, over bridges and along streams.


17 km to the southwest of Owaka, on the Waikoato Valley/Purakaunui Falls Rd. The parking lot is idea for lots of people and some bathrooms for your convenience. Talk the easy 10 minute stroll beside a slowly moving stream to the top of the falls, then head to the lower platform.

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