Dunedin City District

An Ancient Rimu Forest

A very peaceful walk through an amazingly conserved Rimu forest, with some tree's up to 700 years old!!! These trails are well looked after with heaps of conservation work and maps with history of the land. As an added bonus, this little reserve joins Ross Creek with the Pineapple Track and McGouns Track.


From the center of Dunedin, just head North on George St and take the left onto Duke St, just past the famous Willowbank. Duke turns to Melvern St, then turns to Fulton Rd. Park up where Fulton Rd and Wakari Rd meet. Not the best parking, but hey it's something.

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Edwin Tanner and his love of tree's

Craigieburn was named after a village in Scotland, Scotland being where William and Elizabeth Rankin had just immigrated from in 1860 on board the ship Robert Henderson. They were lucky to have come here with some money, as this lead to the buying of 7.2 hectares of bush block as a subsistence farm. They quickly got to work clearing the native bush and trees, as coal was not reliable locally at the time, firewood was worth a substantial amount, and they carted that to the city for sale.

William died in 1872 and Elizabeth then married Edwin Tanner in 1879. Edwin was a self-taught surveyor and he put a deliberate halt to the removal of tree's from Craigieburn. He is the person responsible for us having all these old Rimu trees still standing to this day. Thank you Mr. Tanner.

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