Roys Peak

Queenstown and Lakes District

That Roys Peak Shot

This is a must do hike in the Wanaka area, Great outstanding views of the entire region, with lake Wanaka, it's islands, bays and the snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps. If you look hard enough, you can also see the mighty Mount Aspiring sticking out of the mountains. The track is a 16 km round trip to the top of the mountain, but if you are just after that Instagram shot, then you can take a couple of km off. But you will have to wait in a line. The price for perfection I'm afraid.


From Wanaka, Drive 6km along the Mount Aspiring Road out of Wanaka to the Roys Peak Track car park. Get here early to avoid the parking problems that they have. Then well it's a good 4-8 hour hike depending on your fitness levels. Take plenty of water and check out these sites below for more info.

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Where did all these people come from?

It was my birthday and I was in Wanaka, pouring with rain as a storm was approaching. My wife asked why I looked so disappointed, "Well" I said. "All I wanted for my birthday was to climb up Roys Peak, and now it's raining". She looked at me and sweetly said "Has that ever stopped you before". It was clearly a statement more than a question, so I packed up my gear, threw on some running shoes, and hit the road.

As I started to drive off, the rain stopped and the clouds broke. I guess it was meant to be. The parking lot was completely packed already, I guess I'm not the only one that doesn't care about rain. Finally getting the last space in the additional parking lot, I took the long 8 km trek up the hill. On the way up I passed all walks of life trying to find that perfect insta shot. From 70 year olds with walking canes, to young guy's dressed like they should be on an ID fashion show. It was rather interesting. Good for them, they are outdoors, Instagram has done some good to the world.

When I finally made it up to the instashot, there was an actual line, like you would see to a popular club on a Saturday night, about 30 people long. Lucky for me, I'm not much of a line guy, so I asked the people at the front of the line if I could take their picture on Roy's Peak, as it wouldn't add any wait time to anybody. They agreed and I took a couple of snaps and kept heading up the mountain.

Only about 1 km left to the top, with views that only expanded the absolutely stunning backdrop that was already surrounding us. All I can say is wow! You have to do this hike before the farmer closes down his land.

Rain or Shine - Stu