Careys Creek / Evansdale Glen

Dunedin City District

The glen and it's wonderful tracks

Evansdale Glen is a DCC operated picnic area that has several swimming holes and a big playing field. There are two notable features, the Careys Creek walking track and the Evansdale Waterfall. To see the waterfall click here. The Careys Creek Track follows the old farm track to the end at the foot of Rongomai Ridge, from here it becomes quite rough and narrow as it makes it's way up to the creek's source and finally ending at Semple Road in the silver peaks. Two more tracks split off of Careys; The Rongomai Ridge Track and the Honeycomb Ridge Track. Along Careys Creek you will notice some old rusting pipes, these were used as the water supply for the Seacliff Lunatic Asylum. They were abandoned in 1949 due to land slips.


From the center of Dunedin you will want to make your way over the northern motorway. Just passing Evansdale and 600 meters up the Kilmog you will see a small road heading down towards your left. At the bottom of the road is a creek you can drive across (or walk across the bridge). Park up anywhere and you are here.

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Toe clips are for suckers

Back when I was 16, I had this great idea to ride Careys Creek from top to bottom. I convinced a good friend to jump on his bike and join me. We got a ride to Semple Hill Road to cut down on some time. And started out down the over grown and quite rocky trail.

I can't remember much of the details of that ride apart from one defining moment, which has left me mentally scarred, and will never ride clipped into a bike ever again. About and hour into the ride/hike/scramble, My friend was leading the way down a pretty sketchy section of trail that was cut into the side of a steep face. I was riding quite close behind him, and he suddenly stops, for no reason. I slam on my brakes and slide to a stop right behind him on a very narrow section of track. I went to put my foot down to balance myself, but it was in a toe clip (yes my first ride with them). I then proceed to falling off the side of the cliff. It was quite a way down with some very hard rocks at the bottom. My bike was still attached to me. Riding the rest of the way out of the trail was a task in itself. But when I was bleeding and bruised all over, it just made it that much harder. I will never clip to my bike ever again.

Broken - Stu