Evansdale Waterfall

Dunedin City District

Evansdale Waterfall

This is a great trek through a narrow gorge covered with ferns on either side. The waterfall itself is pristine as not many people go here. I've been a dozen times and never seen anyone around. The waterfall itself isn't massive, but still quite remarkable with a good flow. Also there is a nice pool to have a cold dip in at the bottom.


From Dunedin, head over the northern motorway towards Waitati. Keep going on State Highway 1 and note when you pass the Glenhouse (Evansdale Hotel). Just over the bridge up the Killmog (That nasty steep hill) 200 meters and then there is a road that veers off to the LEFT. Take that down the gravel road. At the bottom there is a river you can drive through if your game, or just stop before the walking bridge. From here there is a well hidden trail on the other side of the walking bridge. Take that up into the woods, it is very muddy most times of the year. 15 minutes into the forest and you will see the waterfall. Good luck and safe travels.

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Watch out for that cliff!

Back in say 1997, after a really good snow fall in Dunedin. My friend Brett and I went off in search of the perfect snow slope to slide down. I had one lined up just off the side of the Killmog hill in Evansdale. We started from the Glenhouse (at the time). And walked up state highway 1 towards the Glen. We passed the Glen turnoff and took the next left where the old main road used to weave around the hill. An old abandoned house, some beehives and a quarry were a little distraction from our path.

This is about the time we went straight bush. No path, just a direction, thats how all good adventures start. Fighting though the thicket we came upon a cliff. Not really what I had planned. Searching for a way to climb down the gnarly face of mud and loose rocks, a massive Possum jumped out of a rock crevice and landed on Brett's shoulder. Flailing arms and some loud obscenities, the Possum stopped on the edge of the cliff. Instinctively I threw a brick that I was holding (Don't ask why I had that) at the poor bugger. Hit him clean in the side and knocked him over the edge. It must of been a good 25 meters down. From there we decided to find an easy way, instead of just a drop. Thats when we came across the top of the waterfall. Couldn't really see from the top as it was quite sketchy towards the brink. We managed to get around the top and down the other side of the gully. This was the adventure now. The snow slope would have to wait.

Times passed - Stu