Outram Glen

Dunedin City District

Outram Glen

One of the top swimming spots in the Dunedin area, the river flows flat and slow and is great for floating down on an inflatable tube. The walking track to Lee Stream is a good 12.5 km return on the same track, it takes about 3 hours all up and is a very easy grade most of the way.


From the center of Dunedin you will want to make your way over 3 mile hill. Just after the Outram bridge take a sharp right hand turn onto George King Memorial Drive. Then another right into Outram Glen. The track is well signposted and there is ample parking.

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Sandfly madness

This is one of those places we keep going back to. Usually in the summer months and with swimming on our minds. Earlier this year (2017), we went for a meander along the stream. It was hot out and mushrooms were growing all over the trails and trees.

We made it to the usual first stop, on a pebble beach with still slow waters. The trails were unusually empty of other casual wonderer's. So we took advantage, with out our swimming togs with us, we stripped down to our undergarments and jumped right in. Splashing and dancing about like we owned the river. This is about when we were over run with maddening amounts of Sandflies. It was one of those tricky situations when you have to sacrifice your own skin in order to save the kids from getting bitten. Lets just say it was a painful and itchy experience. I would still do it again and recommend it to you. Such a nice guy I am.

Itchy - Stu