Tautuku Boardwalk / Estuary

Clutha District

Tautuku Boardwalk and Estuary

A very pleasant spot to stop and take a stroll. They say that the golden hours are best for here, but in reality, any calm day and this place is great. After a short walk through some forest, you break through the jungle layer and are met with an expanse of vibrantly colored rush and a lovely little boardwalk that takes you over the estuary to the Tautuku river. They say if your keen for it, this is a great place to kayak on, and I plan to do just that. Oh and if your eye's are keen for it, many many fernbirds are hiding somewhere in these grasses.


This little spot is very easy to get to, while traveling through the Catlins on the Southern Scenic Route, just stop when you see the signs right near the Forest and Bird Society Lodge. Or even easier, click on my > GPS link <

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So what about this place then?

The Catlins was named after Captain Edward Cattlin, who purchased over 5000 square kilometers of land back in 1840. Then as they did back then, they mis-spelled it. The Catlins was a massive sawmilling industry and they took more timber out of these rivers than anywhere else in the South Island. They ended up building a railway all the way down here from Balclutha about 1879, I will fill in that story on another page.

The size of the Wetlands, which is mostly comprised of marsh's and swamps, is around 50 ha.

Story to come, kayaking is going to happen - Stu