Heyward Point

Dunedin City District

A track over the coast

A 2 hour return hike along a coastal cliff looking out to the pacific ocean. Amazing views of Aramoana, Taiaroa Head and the coast to the North. Things you should know: This track is closed for lambing season (September), also there are some very high cliffs, and this is a challenging track and is quite steep and unmarked in some area's.


Another track with two starting points. First up is off of Aramoana Road. The track, which goes straight up a huge hill, starts just before Pari Street. The second way is at the end of Heyward Point Road, which is accessed off of Purakanui Road, off of Blueskin Road. This track is the shorter walk but longer drive.

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Happy memories and the blistering sun

It was 4 days after the birth of my daughter, Sequoia. My wife wanted me to get out of the house, probably to have some alone time with the little one. It was very sunny out, so I thought I would drive over to port, then over the hill, but at the top I took the turn down Heywards Point rd, somewhere I had always wanted to go.

The road turned to dust and farm tracks and eventually a gate. I parked up in some shade and started off down a semi marked route. After passing by some old farm equipment I made it to the reserve over looking the ocean. So beautiful out. Views like you wouldn't believe. From there I took the long trek around the cliffs to Heywards Point and it's little lighthouse beacon. Nothing really to this story. But I do have a baby daughter :)

A loving dad - Stu