Tomahawk Beach

Dunedin City District

The beach and some mysterious caves

Tomahawk beach is an easy access beach close to Dunedin. So easy in fact, that if you have a four wheel drive at low tide, just drive right on to it. Tomahawk isn't named after the small Axe, it is a translation from the old Maori name, and means "dance by a gravesite". At it's southern side are some small tidal caves that you can walk into, it looks as if at some point someone tried to close them up. I can't find any information on that. On the far side you have some mighty sand dunes you can slide down and some great wild life to watch. There is also a playground and an abandoned school, if you know where to look.


Super easy to get here. From Dunedin, head to St Kilda and take Tahuna Rd to Tomahawk Rd, From there just drop down into Ocean Grove and find a park just across the bridge.

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Fire and Lights

Every year we find a cool place to let off some steam and light up some fire works. This year it was Tomahawk beach. We rolled on up with a bunch of friends and lots of little kiddo's running about. Nothing quite like watching the sun set at a beach with sparklers being run in every direction!

Before it got too dark we explored the wild side and went through the old cave. Smelly with seaweed but fun none-the-less. Then we rolled out some cool LED's and lit the rocks up different colors and set the camera up for some long expo. I fired up some steel wool and every one was impressed with the sparks flying about. Who needs fireworks huh?

Turns out Tomahawk is quite the happening spot for fire works and another group showed up and lit off a heap of rockets and crazy looking multicolored sparkling things. Fun was had by all.

My hands aren't burnt, but my eyes might be - Stu