St Kilda Beach

Dunedin City District

St Kilda Beach - The Eastern side of Ocean Beach

An easy to access beach for the entire family. Flags to swim between and usually lots of people to watch. This beach on a hot summers day is the place to be. Right on the eastern end of the beach is Lawyers Head. Some small caves to crawl through and a nice rock to climb around on at low tide. During the sunlight hours, you can drive along John Wilson Ocean Dr to get to the lookout right at the end on Lawyers Head.


Pretty easy to get to this one. From Dunedin, Take the one way south and turn off to South Dunedin. Split off onto Queens Dr and pass right through the roundabout. Park anywhere along John Wilson Beach Dr. Walk down to the beach.

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A little snippet of facts, mostly from Wikipedia

St Kilda, St Clair and Middle beach make up Ocean Beach which runs from the salt water pool to Layers Head. Back in the Russian Scare days (click here), White Island which you can see just off the coast was used for target practice from an Armstrong disappearing gun mounted on the dunes above Middle Beach. They say the island used to look a little larger. Also to note, before Dunedin was a settled town (1848), there used to be another island right beside White Island that just sunk into the sea one storm.

St Kilda was named for the Melbourne suburb by early property developer George Scott, who arrived in New Zealand from Victoria in 1862. The area previously had the Maori name Whakaherekau.

If anybody has any cool facts about this place, I would love to hear them. - Stu