Marlow Park / Dinosaur Park

Dunedin City District

Dinosaurs and slides? What more could you want?

This park is the place to play if you are a young family in Dunedin. Every time I have been here, rain or shine, there are kids everywhere, running in every direction, climbing obstacles and shooting down slides. This park has public toilets, multiple jungle gyms, crawling tunnels, several swing sets, shaded picnic areas, ample parking, basket ball hoops, a complete bike area with ramps and cycleways . . the list goes on. Also located beside the park is a mini golf park and the Otago Model Engineering Society, Heaps of sports grounds and St Kilda Beach!


From Dunedin center, head south on the one way and take the turn to Andersons Bay rd. Follow that till the roundabout and take the quick right onto Queens Dr. At the end of Queens there is another roundabout, go straight though and park anywhere. Marlow Park is right here.

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My go to daddy daycare spot.

I'm sure this is probably the go to spot for most young Dunedin families, It's always got a line of kids waiting to go down the big dinosaur slide. This park is memorable to me, it's one of those places I remember coming to when I was just a toddler. It's withstood the elements of time, just another paint job every now and then.

Today was just like any other Dunedin day. Sunny outside until you get to your destination, then the invisible wind picks up and chills you down. The kids never seem to care, cold, warm, whatever. As long as they have there bikes they are on fire. As soon as we arrived I had both kids in helmets and a tow rope tied onto Sequoias trike. Cypress took the rope and speed off, with Q following along behind without a choice. It's quite a feeling of freedom when they can wear themselves out without my help. Cypress being one to make friends on the spot had a group to cling to for the next 2 hours while I entertained Sequoia as she is wanting to climb everything and slide down anything. The only problem with this place is it takes a while to convince the kids to leave.

Worn out - Stu