St Clair Beach

Dunedin City District

St Clair Beach - The Western side of Ocean Beach

A beach with an iconic view. If you haven't gone down and taken that picture of the St Clair Poles sticking out of the water facing White Island, you better hurry. These sticks have had a rough life since being installed in 1904 to slow down the erosion of the slowly disappearing dunes. In 2015 a massive storm hit the coast and knocked most of the poles over. Go now before they are all gone. The beach is also famous for a surf break and having the oldest salt water public pool in New Zealand.


Pretty easy to get to this one. From Dunedin, Take the one way south and turn off to South Dunedin. Split off onto Queens Dr and pass right through the roundabout. take the 3rd exit and drive down to the Esplanade. Park up anywhere and walk down to the beach.

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Dancing Night Skies

8pm kids are in bed! Cup of tea just poured. Krysha sitting across from me says there is an aurora happening right now. Check the forecast. KP 7.6!!!! Grabbed the camera and ran for the car. I went to the spot I had been planning for the next aurora. The St Clair Sticks!

I was there around 8.30 and the place was deserted aside from one man that had the beach to himself. I introduced myself and asked to join him. Looking up, the whole sky was lit up with a green glow. The most massive Aurora I had ever seen. I took one shot and realized how this was going to turn out. Just perfect.

The green eyed monster - Stu