Second Beach

Dunedin City District

Second Beach - A hidden joy

If your looking for a short stroll along a well maintained walking track to a lovely view in close proximity to several bars and restaurants. This is probably the place for you.


From the Esplanade at St Clair, walk up the little road right beside the salt water pools. The track starts at the end of this short road.

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Cliff Jumping ?

It was the end of a two week road trip around the South Island with a great mate from California. I was telling him of an abandoned castle high up on a cliff face, staring out over the Pacific Ocean. It didn't take long after that till we were in the car, hurtling towards second beach. I may have forgot to tell him this is not the way to the castle.

After getting the most ideal park closest to the salt water pool, we jumped out and set up a very fast pace in the direction of the track. The first thing you notice on the short walk is the prominent concrete storm water drain structure on the boulders below. It was built in the early 1900's and starts all the way over by the old quarry (which is now a retirement home). The trail you are walking on was once a quarry track before, you will notice some old concrete in the bushes on the side of the trail. Also to note at the top of the cliff was once a gun battery from the Russian Scare. It no longer resides here.

At the end of the trail is a nice park bench to admire the view, or if your really into the adventurous stuff, you can climb up the little basalt columns at the end and see the old cliff jumping spots (I would not try this, as you would need a boat or a rope to get out again, and It doesn't look deep enough to me). From here we climbed up a trail that lead up the ridge, very steep and overgrown, it eventually broke out into a very well placed park bench and recently mowed grass. I believe this was private property. If your still thinking this will take you to the castle, you are wrong. No castle this way.

How do I get down from here? - Stu