Caversham Cavern

Dunedin City District

Caversham Cavern

Adventurous people only for this one! Heed the warnings, There is no trail, only adventure awaits you here. This is the largest cave I have found in Dunedin so far. Yes I'm saying it's bigger than the Long Beach Rave Cave. And people have known about it for quite some time. The oldest engraving I could find in here was from 1872!


Low Tide Warning !! For this you want to pack a lunch, you will be walking a little bit. Start at the Black Head parking lot where all the surfers hang out. Then start your journey around the rocky head lands, you will pass by the Docks and the Roman Baths, and some other cool features I'll let you see for yourself. Then you will take the long walk around Black Head Beach. You will get wet feet, there is no avoiding this. Keep on walking. All the way passed the birds nesting on the boulders, passed the next rocky out cropping. When It looks like that is no further to go. just push on a little bit more. the cave hits your by surprise and is a low hanging ledge you walk under. Good freaken' luck.

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A walk on the wild side

Low tide, check. Sunny weather, no clouds, check. Camera etc, check. Steel Wool? check. No hurry today, I planned a whole day.

Had no idea how far I had to walk, or to where I was really going. I took a gestimation to the cove I was going to explore. Started off, just walking, climbing over rocks and snapping the occasional picture. ( check my Roman Baths Page for this section of the story ) ( Then check the Black Head Beach page for this section ) After getting passed all those pesky birds, I saw an interesting shaped rock, little caves where popping out of the wood work, or should I say Caversham Sandstone Cliffs. I stumbled though and archway or two. And there I was, at the cove I imagined my cave to be, all that Google maps searching might have got me somewhere. A weird place for a small forest. Loads of water logged trash and every thing that had ever fallen off the cliffs high above. Searched a few more of the little caves, they were all quite creepy. Starting to realize that my cave wasn't here at all, the beach was all but done, and I didn't feel like swimming into an ocean. No matter how the tide looked, I can't come all this way and not walk to the end of the beach.

It wasn't far to go, and you know what, right there, right beside where I was standing, A mother of a cave! a wide but low entry way that opened into this massive cavern. The Caversham Cavern! Very impressive and well worth the walk, I set up some shots and checked out all the carved names and dates. Please don't add to them. I hope you enjoy your adventure. And watch those tides.

Sore wet feet - Stu