The Roman Baths

Dunedin City District

The Roman Baths

This is not a safe place for Children. Please be careful when accessing the Roman Baths and always tell someone where you are going. Blackhead is the most southern part of the Dunedin Volcano, a shield volcano which formed over extensions of the Titri, Akatore, and North Taieri faults between 13 and 10 million years ago. The basalt columns here are 11 million years old, dating from the early part of 3rd major eruptive phase of the volcano.


Start at the Blackhead parking lot over looking the beach. You will then have to take the trail to the beach and walk all the way along over the boulders to the left. Then the fun begins. Its time to scale the Basalt column walls around the head lands. Past what is known as the docks. I hope it's low tide. Further round and you will see. You can't miss them. A large crater type area in the columns. You are here. Remember this can only be done at low tide.

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The Roman Baths

I first stumbled across this place while out exploring the quarry with some friends sometime circa 2005. It wasn't until I started practicing photography that I was inclined to head back here. I just remembered it was more of those great basalt columns that we have all grown to love. So I had a day off from everything and thought I could stop by this iconic spot on my way to a more secretive location.

The sun was bright and hot as hell. The tide was low and where it should stay. I started off parking at the blackhead car park, and headed down to the beach. Taking the ever slow journey around the headland. You don't wanna slip around this area, A wet camera is no fun at all. I was following behind some other explorers as they moved over the tricky terrain. You will notice them in the pictures above and below.

Happy hunting - Stu