Blackhead Beach

Dunedin City District

Black Head Beach

If you want a beach that is rocky with pinnacles sticking out of the water and birds nesting everywhere with the occasional seal bathing, this is the beach for you. Blackhead Beach is also home to the Roman Baths and to the largest cave in Dunedin, the Caversham Cavern.


Drive to the Blackhead parking lot, between Dunedin and Waldernville, park up, and start walking around the head lands from the beach. Make sure it's low tide or it will be impassable. This is not a safe trip for the family, keep the young ones at home. Expect several hours of exploring.

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The beach I wasn't expecting

From the moment I stepped foot out of the car at the parking lot, I knew I had come to a fine place. Waldernville Beach is displayed as far as the eye can see, all the surfers are hitting the great break right out in front of you. This was a great place to start any such adventure. As I made my way around the headlands and took a few snaps of the Roman Baths and The Docks, I passed by a great channel of water. Until I got to the edge of a cliff.

How the hell was I suppose to get down this I wondered, I could see a couple of different climbable paths down. I choose the safer looking one away from the smashing waves. About half way down it I realized this was a bad idea, When exploring alone and not having told anybody where I went, I decided to climb back out of that mess and try the other option. Scary looking climbing down straight above the waves, trying not to drop the bags I had packed to capacity with camera equipment and spare clothes. Don't trust New Zealand weather. After all that worrying the path down was incredibly easy, was basically a staircase made out of basalt columns.

The beach at this point was all rocks, basically rocks that had fallen down from the quarry above. The view was outstanding, A large pillar was shooting upwards out of the beach. As I made my way around the pillars I started to notice all the hidden Seals watching me. I kept my distance. I got to a point where I was stuck between the ocean and the cliffs, There was a little section of water I had to cross. Shoes off and through I went. Gumboots would save the day here. From there on it was easy, well aside from the nesting birds that covered the entire beach. Beautiful none the less.

A new found phobia of birds - Stu