Brighton Beach

Dunedin City District

Brighton Beach and Domain

According to us, this is one of the safest, picturesque and fun beaches in the Dunedin Area. It has a surf life saving club, so the life guards are out in the busy season. There are public restrooms and picnic tables just off the beach in the Brighton Domain. If you have some little kiddos, there are two playgrounds in a short stroll from each other, one in the Domain and one across the road in the School grounds (one of my favorite ones in the Dunedin area). Back at the beach; there are rocks and canyons and at the right time of tide an island awaits, called Google Rock. A fish and chip shop just across the road and several gallery's. This place is also a photographers playground.


From Dunedin, just drive approximately 20km south, down the coast through Waldonville. You can't miss the beach after you go around 'Big Rock'.

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Some facts for us all

A man by the name of Hugh Williams named Brighton after Brighton in England, thinking that the town would grow into a bustling seaside resort. As it turns out, that didn't happen, which is what makes Brighton so great. The large bluff that splits Brighton goes by the name "Big Rock". The big rocky landmass that turns island at high tide is known as "Google Rock", it has lots of chasms to explore at the right time. This is now also a Kiwi Guardian Adventure. I plan another trip here soon.

If anyone from Brighton has any great story's or facts, I would love to hear them.

Brighton is just a mystery to me - Stu