Nicols Falls

Dunedin City District

Nicols Falls

This is a great canyon to explore! Nicols Creek and the Falls are embedded in lush New Zealand green rain forest. Being so close to the center of Dunedin, it's really hard to not want to check this place out. For a bonus head here at night to check out glow worm canyon, little spots of luminescent dots all around you.


Really easy to get to with a quick 10 minute hike. From Dunedin, head up Leith Valley. After the intersection with Malvern St, you will cross a bridge, park up on the right hand side of the road. Walk back over the bridge and you will see a gate and a sign for the Waterfall. Don't get this confused with the MTB trail on the side of the bridge that you parked on. Clamber up the hill for a fair 10 minutes and you will find a beautiful waterfall.

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When the night becomes dark

With a quick thought going through my head, and the hopes to get done before the rain. I packed up some bright LED's and my camera. Threw it all in the car and drove up Leith Valley.

Not having realized how dark it was, I stupidly didn't pack a flash light. Glowing bright LED's will have to do. I wrapped the 5 meters of Waterproof RGB LED strip over my shoulders and around my waist a couple of times and slapped a battery on the end. It was all go from here. I must of looked like a glowing orb floating through the forest to a couple of random hikers out in the bush. But at least I could see the entirety of the forest with the lumen's I was spitting out.

The waterfall was really green, or the LEDs where making it look green. Well thats what my camera can confirm. Please enjoy the pictures, and safe travels.

Brighter than the sun - Stu