Sandfly Bay

Dunedin City District

Not to worry, no actual Sandflies here.

I rank this beach as the best one on the Otago Peninsular, and for good reason. No matter which side of the beach you plan your starting point, the views are outstanding! This beach is known for it's sand dunes that reach to the sky, bring your boogie boards or snow sleds for the ultimate experience. This beach also has off limit areas near the rocks, there are fur seals and sea lions along the beach, keep your distance from these fellas, they like their space. This beach is also a Kiwi Guardians Adventure, so kids, make sure you have a pen and paper for the code.


From Dunedin center, drive over Highcliff Road on the peninsular and take the right onto Seal Point Rd. The parking lot is at the very end.

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A wrong turn turned right.

Boulder Beach was the destination. Well that was the plan. I some how missed my parking lot and ended up at Sandfly Bay parking lot. Cypress had had enough of my driving around all the corners and wanted released from his restraints. Not a bad place to let him free, I thought. He took hold of my hand and took off, 'Running, Running' he yelled to me. I hardly have time to snap some pic's when I have a 3 year old on the loose.

After the first full out sprints down the steep dunes we made it to the beach. But no, we still had to run. I finally convinced him to stop by a very still little pond that had formed on the side of a stream heading through the dunes. But then back to running. It was when he saw his first Sea Lion hopping around that he slowed his pace, almost like he wanted to turn and run in the opposite direction. We explored the entirety of the beach and headed back to the start. Just when we were hiking up the final dune, about 30 kids showed up with boogies boards and anything else they could slide on. Lets just say a new adventure started here.

Sand everywhere - Stu