Puketeraki Tunnel

Dunedin City District

The abandoned Puketeraki railway tunnel

This tunnel is a hard one to find, it's also a dangerous one to find. Located right beside the still used railway between Seacliff and Karitane. It has collapsed because of land slips back in the 1930's and been left to rot. It is also fenced up on both sides and one side is in a farmers land ( I would not recommend going there ).


To get to this spot you have to cross farmers land or walk an active railway. In saying that, I will not hold my self accountable by informing you how to get here.

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Topo map to the rescue

After making some new friends on one of my adventures, I invited them along for an exploration of the Seacliff coast. I printed out some old TOPO maps and thought it would be fun to hunt down some of the more interesting features. After checking out the Truby King Reserve, we moved onto abandoned farm houses. Found a few really hagged places before the day was starting to dwindle. The new friends started to part there ways from me, as I still had some spots on the map I wanted to check out. After walking along beside the railway lines for a few corners, I saw an old cut heading into some bushes, straight into a rock bank. This was what I came for.

It was massively over grown with a thick assortment of trees and underbrush, so I couldn't actually see what was in there. Slipping into the shade and out of the light of day, it was quite a peaceful little spot, ground ferns and old chunks of metal. I could now see the fenced up tunnel entrance. Some one had cut a hole in the fence and it had been there for a while. Wishing I had bought a flashlight ( this happens to me a lot ), I stumbled into the darkness using the brief overpowering light from my camera flash. The tunnel was quite impressively built, but was crumbling on all sides, further in I noticed that someone had been camping in here for a while, they looked long gone now ( I hoped ). Even further in I could see the collapsed tunnel in front, impassible, just a massive mound of rocks and bricks. I heard a train rumble past on the main track. Dust starting falling from the ceiling. This was the end of the line.

Still trembling - Stu