MacAndrew Bay Beach

Dunedin City District

MacAndrew Bay and 'The Muddy'

Perfect for a summer days outing! A small quaint little artificial beach across the road from a dairy and Rob Ham park with a very generous playground. MacAndrew Bay is named after pioneer settler James MacAndrew who once resided here. Before that It was known as 'The Hundreds' after all the boulders scattered over the foreshore.


This is a pretty easy spot to get to. From good old Dunedin, head out along Portsmouth Drive and swing a left onto Portobello Rd. Drive till you get there.

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Brown Ducks and The Hundreds

This Bay was known to the Maori as Te Rotopateke ('the place of the Brown Duck'). Once the settlers had arrived it was known as 'The Hundreds', after all the stones laying on the foreshore. MacAndrew Bay as we know it today, is named after the one and only James MacAndrew. There is a lot to be said of James, >click here for the Wikipedia page< First off, he was a flamboyant merchant and steam ship company owner who moved to the bay in the 1860's. He was said to be a cut-throat competition to the town's established merchant Johnny Jones, >click here for the Wikipedia page<. It wasn't long until MacAndrew had his hand in the political pie and became the superintendent of the Otago province. But politics was were he spent his time and his business collapsed. He was jailed for debt and dismissed as the Superintendent of Otago. He did manage to get re-elected as the superintendent until the position was abolished in 1876.

From all sorts of references - Stu