Jubilee Park

Dunedin City District

Tomlinson's Paddock'

A chunk of forest in the middle of suburbia. I would recommend Autumn for this place, watch all the orange leaves fall over the trails in front of you. This is also home to three sports fields, 2 for soccer and 1 for rugby.


To get to Jubilee Park, you are going to want to get to Maori Road, which is off of Serpentine Ave, which is basically where Harvy Norman and the Warehouse are.

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So why a park?

Well I'll tell you why. Back in the old gold rush days, a few people decided this spot of ground would be a nice camp site. When the gold ran out, the campers left. So I guy called Tomlinson leased it out for some grazing. Then say around 1887 when Queen Victoria was having her Golden Jubilee, the paddock was then offered to the Jubilee project and transformed into a beautiful park with trees and shrubbery from all over the British empire. When Queen Elizabeth traveled through in 1954, she planted some more tree's to keep with the royal theme.

Jubilee Park today is a great spot for anybody to check out, with all sorts of sneaky little tracks and trails. Including Trev's Track for those Mountian Bikers out there. I remember back in the 1990's we used to have MTB races here every Tuesday and it would be a $2 entry. These days the trails are well maintained and great for riders off any skill level. This is also one of those Kiwi Guardian adventures, so have fun trying to track down the adventure post!

Words of the Wise - Stu