Chingford Park

Dunedin City District

Chingford Park

Another one of the great parks of Dunedin! This one is hiding up North East Valley and has a nice history to tell. The park has many great alternative activities compared to your usual spots. An Archery range! A rent-able historic stables, A permanent Orienteering course, and a disc golf course! Also sports fields, a rent-able hall, a community orchard, picnic tables, children's playground, and children's confidence course. The list goes on and on for this one.


From Dunedin Center, drive up North East Valley (North Road), when you pass by Beechworth St then you will hopefully notice some massive iron gates on your left. Park up here and enjoy this wonderful forest.

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An easter egg or two

Every year my wife and some of our good friends throw an easter egg hunt for some of the local kids. It has turned into quite the occasion. This year we got around 30 kids or so to show up and scramble for about 300 plastic eggs with treats of sorts inside. I even took along my pet bunny to prove to the kids that bunny's do lay eggs.

This year we hired out the hall, which is remarkably cheep and as the DCC says, is not hired out much at all. As all the kids where playing with the bunny and blowing bubbles, My wife, dad and I headed into the forest and started hiding eggs everywhere. As we got back to the kids we made up a great story and got the kids to get their baskets ready. It took them a while to find all the eggs, but it was well worth it.

Not sick of chocolate this time - Stu