Cave Beach

Dunedin City District

Cave beach

This is one of the more secretive beaches of the Dunedin district. It's name is gathered by the entrance to the beach itself is only accessible through two volcanic rock archways. Low tide is the only option and even then the waves are pressing at your feet.


From Dunedin, head up North Rd in North East Valley and over Mount Cargill road. On the other side of the hill, turn right onto Green road. Turn Right onto Blueskin road and then a left onto Purakanui Rd. Turn left onto Mihiwaka Rd and finally a left onto Beach Rd. Drive to the end and this is the Long Beach car park. From here walk out onto long beach and walk to the far end of the beach to the left. This is also where the Long Beach caves are located. But for Cave Beach walk around the rocks towards the sea and you will find a cave on your left that feeds towards another beach. Remember this can only be done at low tide.

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Cave beach

It had been a week of waiting, weather, friends, tides.. . That was it, today was the day. No more waiting. It was Friday afternoon and the sun was out, I packed up all my gear and through it in the car, ahhh the phone rings. Thanksgiving dinner was happening very soon. After the mighty feast of turkey I looked at the time. Only 7.30pm! This adventure was still on. Saying some hurried farewells, I was given some good lucks. The drive to Long Beach was fast and windy and I arrived just after 8.15. Slamming my brakes on I grabbed my bag and headed to the sand.

I could see rock climbers scattered over the cliffs today. The yellow lupins in full bloom with purple wild daisy's growing in between. I could smell the salt of the ocean and the fires of the campers ready for a night in the Long beach caves.

At the end of the beach I turned towards the ocean instead of the caves. The tide was way out and getting ready to turn, the sun had dropped below the mountains to my back. Making my way along the jagged rocks It appeared there was no beach over here. Just massive waves crashing into the rocks in front of me. Getting right to the point where I would have to swim the cliffs gave way to a cavernous path. And there it was, the entrance to Cave beach!

The inside of the caves were a mixture of volcanic rocks that resembled the likes of a rocky road cake. The first arch you had to climb down to the sand when the waves receded, and quickly run to the next arch. This arch then opened out onto a secluded beach that appeared to have penguin nests. After watching the sun set and realizing the tide was started to get quite violent, I had to time my route back though the caves cautiously. I would suggest a calmer day.

Happy hunting - Stu