Taieri Beach

Clutha District

Taieri Beach and hidden cave

A very long and flat beach with a tiny cave hidden in the southern most rocks. It's an adventurous spot. At the north end beside the Taieri River Mouth is a sand bar that emerges out of the water as the tide drops, from this you can walk over to a massive chunk of land sticking out of the water.


Taieri Beach is located at Taieri Mouth Village about 40 km south of Dunedin on the Southern Scenic route.

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Birthday Adventure!

My good friends have a holiday house down in little old Taieri Mouth. Many a party has been had here. This such party was the birthday of Johann. It was the next morning and everyone was slowly cleaning up the mess, To brighten the atmosphere I chimed in that we should go cave hunting (one of my favorite past times). There was reluctance, probably from the hangovers, maybe from the thought that it was too cold and overcast and about to rain. Ha, I tricked them into it all the same.

With my wife and kids in tow, and 10 or so friends, we climbed into some cars and headed to the beach. A short trip and a short walk though the dunes. The beach was flat and the ocean looked out a little way, some other beach goers where wondering around. We headed south, the rocks were in view and it didn't take to long to get to them. Climbing over them and looking further a field, it didn't appear there were any caves about. But once down on the next little beach, a cave was found.

Hollow rocks? - Stu