Nugget Point

Clutha District

Nugget Point and it's lighthouse

This is a beautiful spot for any one in the region to check out. Family friendly and the parking lot is now much larger to accommodate all these lovely tourists. The walk itself is only 20 minutes and you can spot all sorts of wild animals swimming about. The nuggets are the 20 rugged rocks protruding from the wild ocean, named from back in the sealing and whaling era. The light house you can't enter, but it was built back in 1869 to help the boats get to the Catlins with out sinking. There are Bathrooms at the parking lot, and picnic tables.


From the township of Kaka Point, keep heading along the coast road to Kaimataitai carpark. And there you are.

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The lighthouse was manned until 1989 when it got automated. The light can be seen up to 18 kilometers off of the coast. Light flashes every 12 seconds. There is no access to inside the lighthouse.

Every one of the 20 rocks has a Maori name and was known as Tokata Point. This also was the Southern boundary for the Otago Block when it was sold to the New Zealand Company by the Maoris in 1844.

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