Matai Falls

Clutha District

Matai Falls Walk

A pretty simple little hike you should stop at and take a break. Only 10 minutes once out of the car, and you can enjoy another of the Catlins waterfalls. This one has a wonderful viewing platform and it's great for the whole family to check out.


Pretty simple, whist on the Papatowai Highway, the falls will be signposted about 18 km south of Owaka. Park up and stroll the easy 10 minutes.

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This place is actually a double whammy of waterfalls. For the lovely price of Matai Falls, you get Horseshoe falls for free, just a tad further up the stream. Well worth the extra few minutes.

Honestly, I have searched countless pages on the Internet, this waterfall looks like it has no history. Nothing ever happened here. If you think I may be wrong, please tell me some great story. I look forward to it.

Great waterfalls, but I'm left wanting more - Stu