Gabriels Gully

Clutha District

The land that lured the long white crowd

This is a must-visit to all of you history buffs out there. This is the place where Otago, as we know it, made its start. The gold rush transformed the Arcadian simplicity of Dunedin to the richest province in New Zealand, all thanks to a man named Gabriel Read. Everyone knew there was gold in them-thar hills, and he was the one to find it. The reserve is a wholesome experience. I have been several times, and I will go again. It's a beautiful walk, with old equipment and interpretive panels to read along the 3km of groomed pathway. All the mines that are still open have been fenced off, as far as I can tell. If you want any more info, links are posted below, as the detail and amount of information on Gabriel and his gully is quite extensive. There is no point in writing it all over again.


Well, folks, you will like how easy this is: from the center of Lawrence, take the road that goes under the big signs staying Gabriels Gully. Yip, just go on and follow that road. You'll get there.

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