Conical Hill Tunnel

Clutha District

The No.1 Tunnel

This is a nice little stroll from the road, along by a river. If your into the old tunnels and getting some muddy feet, you might as well take a walk. The Conical Hill Tunnel was built as the first and only tunnel on the Tapanui Line which branched off the main south line at Waipahi. The tunnel is 71 meters long and a nice short public walk from the West Otago Road. There is not much left from the Tapanui Line which operated from 1880 to 1978 when a large flood from the Pomahaka river broke the banks and destroyed a lot of the tracks and bridges.


The best way to get here is off of the West Otago Road. You can get to the West Otago Road by the town of Waipahi which High Way 1 follows though, or from a turn off of Tapanui-Waikoiko Hwy (90). Its pretty hard to explain where exactly you stop to start your walk, but there are small signs as you approach the spot and you will notice the cuttings and old rail bridges scattered around. The walk is a good 15 minutes to the start of the tunnel. Check out the GPS location on Google Maps. Link below.

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