Clarendon Wharf

Clutha District

First stop for that long hike to Gabriels Gully

I would have to say this is way off any beaten track. This is the place of the Clarendon Wharf, when the boats full of those gold mining prospectors floating up the Taieri River came to dock. After shaking off their sealegs they would then start the 100 kilometer hilly traverse to the gold fields. Now this little wharf is in disrepair. After the Gold miners came and went, the wharf was left to do not much, until the Brighton Sea Scouts took over and ran a camp here, you can still see the bunk rooms all torn to bits in one of the little cabins here. The ablution block still looks like it might even work. I can't say this place is fully abandoned, As i believe you could still dock your boat here if you wanted. Some people are still using the space, but it's long since been used for a camp. Check out the pictures, I'll let you decide.


Off of State Highway 1, just a few Kilometers South of Waihola, there is a sneaky little dirt road, called 'Lake Road'. If you take that all the way to the lake, you are here.

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