Teviot Falls & Jed Falls

Central Otago District

The Teviot river

An absolute stunner of a stream that runs from Lake Onslow to the Clutha River at Roxburgh. This river has no trail, It's more of a hop skip and jump over rocks and boulders as you navigate your way up the river. But there are two spectacular waterfalls and some great swimming holes. This is not the sort of place you would take your kids and grandma, Like I said, there are no trails, no bridges, no paths, no really anything. If you do venture in my foot steps, be warned. The good news about this spot is there will never be any body else there, so if swimming in the nude is your thing, well it might just work out.


From Roxburgh, head over the bridge and swing a left, you will then cross over the Teviot river bridge and you should turn right immediately and park up. From here it's on foot up the river, beware the hydro electric station and the dangers it holds. Electricity is no joke. Also be warned that the valley is narrow with steep sides and if it's raining up stream, flash floods are known to sweep down. Once past all the mess of human development, the river just snakes its way through countless boulders and little thickets of tree's, you will see a really bright red colored waterfall off to your right, the Teviot Falls, you should totally check it out. Further up the river you will find several swimming holes and eventually Jed's Falls that plummets into a perfect swimming hole, pristine on a hot summers day.

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If your sent to a small town on a business trip, make the most of it. I'm lucky to have been sent to Ettrick, (not many people can say that). Not only that, but my co-worker was a born and bred local from just up the road. This can only mean one thing, childhood adventures relived. Jed was from Roxburgh and he had a story to tell, he spoke of waterfalls and crystal clear pools away from the eyes of public and tourists. This was music to my ears.

As we arrived at our destination, my senses were overwhelmed, an awesome hydro electric scheme was in front of us, shooting out water with some serious power. The river itself was so clear and timeless as it wove it's way up the narrow valley through the willow trees and giant rocks. We jumped and navigated our way up the stream past countless evidence of gold mining. The gold in this river was the reason the town of Teviot (now Roxburgh) was founded way back when. Every where my eyes wondered, I wondered what was over there. We passed by a glowing red waterfall that seemed to fall from the sky, On further investigation the red were willow tree roots that flowed down the waterfall, and the reason it fell from the sky was from a man made overflow pipe from the hydro scheme on the ridge top above.

Further up stream we passed by crystal clear swimming holes and some that were well more black colored, and then to Jed's falls that fell so perfectly into a secluded swimming hole like no other. I'll be back here next summer, I hope, maybe I'll see you there.

Thanks Jed - Stu