Pinders Pond

Central Otago District

Lots of planning, but no gold

An old hydraulic elevator gold mining pit turned scenic freedom camping swimming hole. This is an absolutely great place to spend a hot summers day, swimmers and anglers alike can bask in the beauty of the place as campers and day trippers can rest easy at the picnic tables. There is a toilet on site, but no trash cans. So if you plan to stay, please take out what you take in. Keep this place looking fresh for the next lot that show up.


So if heading from the South along highway 8, cross the Clutha at Millers flat and drive up the Teviot Road, and if coming from the North, cross the river at Roxburgh and drive on down Teviot Road. The place is pretty well signposted, even in the dark I managed to find it easy.

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John Ewing

John Ewing, otherwise known at the 'Gold Baron' or the 'Mining Monarch', was a man of great skill, foresight and determination in the alluvial gold mining industry of Otago. He had unbounded faith in getting gold out of the ground at any cost. He possessed practical knowledge in this field and knew detailed mining law, and an understanding of miners' needs. He also shot a Chinese miner from claim jumping on one of his sites.

Enough about old John, lets talk about Pinders Pond and what really happened there? After having heaps of luck in the gold fields, and basically having the claim that is now Blue Lake in St Bathans, John moved on down to Roxburgh and got a company called the Teviot-Molyneux Gold-Mining Company into action. His plan; to mine the supposedly richly auriferous ancient beds of the Clutha River. What this means, is trying to guess where the river used to flow, then dig down and find the gold. Well he dug alright, in a couple of spots. But alas, no gold was found, but we do now have a very cool swimming hole.

How deep is Pinders Pond? - Stu