Coalpit Dam

Central Otago District

Coalpit Dam

A slice of piece from the dry harsh upper Maniototo area. If you want to chill out in some shade and play in a secret playground in the woods, this is the place for you on those long road trips.


The dam is located in the Naseby forest and to access it you want to drive towards Naseby on the Ranfuly-Naseby Rd and turn off onto Coalpit Rd. Follow the signs to get to the parking lot on the far side where the toilets and picnic area are located.

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It was our last day in Naseby, we had been camping at the great Larch View campground! I highly recommend this place to everyone. But we wanted to have a picnic BBQ by a lake to dip our feet on this hot February day. Coalpit Dam was the place we were recommended. Very easy to find considering the road was named after it. It was basically deserted, aside from some people fishing on the other side (This dam is exceptional for fishing). So we took the picnic spot and fired up the BBQ. As some of our friends decided to cook, we scrambled up into the forest in search for adventure.

It only took about 1 minute before we realized that there was a really cool playground just beyond the tree line. The kids were super excited and so we climbed up the 2 story tree fort and slid down the massive slide. As we walked around we noticed all the other slightly blended in play equipment and had a blast on it all.
We journeyed on and ate a massive lunch and played on the little dock on the lake. I have plans to go back here to take some really cool pictures. You will just have to wait until then.

Summer dreaming - Stu